As the year draws to it's conclusion I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the extent of my appreciation in your unremitting assistance.

We have shared a client association for 13 years during which your annual medical health recommendations have been precinct in connecting me with insurers and their applicable insurance programs.

The medical insurance industry remains quite an enigma for most of us lay persons. Without your input and guidance and left to my own devises navigating through the weeds would undoubtedly be a negative sum result.

Again thank you for all you do not only for me and I am quite certain for all your valued clients.  

- Eric O.
Lauderhill, FL

 I seldom ever write any sort of online review. However, in this case, it's been weighing heavy on my heart ever since I first met Lynn Harrop, which I must say, has truly been a blessing and a privilege. It all started with a close friend of mine mentioning Lynn and his explanation of how helpful she has been through the years with his Medicare and Health Insurance coverage. Shortly after my friend's first mention of Lynn, she called me and left a message that I had missed. Eventually, I called her back and I have to say, within minutes,I felt like I had known her forever. Lynn is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. Not only is she extremely professional and knowledgeable when it comes to all things insurance related; she is also just a wonderfully sweet person. Lynn is serious about her work and her dedication to excellence is beyond reproach. She will take the time to correct any issues and stand by your side all along the way, no matter what it takes. She is always available and is relentless in making sure you are well taken care of. She's a fighter, too! She is not intimidated in any way by the fractured bureaucratic very difficult to navigate health insurance and Medicare system in this country. She won't rest until she knows you are on track to receive the best care possible. But don`t think just because Lynn is so focused on business, she doesn't have a sense of humor. I gotta tell ya, this girl is quite entertaining. She's as funny as can be and just a pure joy to hang out with. I cannot begin to even articulate how wonderful Lynn really is. If everyone was as diligent in making people happy as Lynn is, world finally have world peace. It just doesn't get any better than Lynn, Do yourself a favor, if you are searching for help with your insurance needs, stop your search and look nowhere else. Even if for some crazy reason you do decide to look elsewhere for insurance advice and help, at the very least, make sure to contact Lynn and say hi. You'll be very happy you did. She will leave you with a big smile on your face and feeling very warm and positive, I assure you. That's just who Lynn is!  
- DeLoy L.
Hallandale Beach, FL


 As open enrollment is approaching with new plans, I want to take this time to thank you for always taking care of us. You are the “INSURANCE WHISPERER”. You think of your clients first and will suggest moving us to another plan only if it’s beneficial to us. Unlike other agents who move clients just to make a commission.

I have known you for 30-plus years and your commitment to helping your clients has always been your #1 commitment.

Thank you Lynn for being our insurance agent.  

- Doris & Bob S.
Coral Springs, FL

 Today, I received a call from a friend of many years, whom I referred to Lynn. He couldn't express adequately how delightfully informative the interview was and the extreme confidence of being in secure hands. From my first foray into Medicare, Lynn has guided me over the years through its bureaucratic maze, given my being diabetic and recently on dialysis. Having an agent you can implicitly trust is priceless.  
- Charles S.
Coconut Creek, FL